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Cast Update: Broadway Production, 1st National Tour

Broadway Production (note: We believe these are correct; however, the website is out of date so we’ve had to compile from multiple sources.) Todd Anderson has rejoined the company as a swing and presumably as an understudy for Chistrey. Al … Continue reading

Cast Update: Broadway Production, 1st National Touring Production

Broadway Production Alicia Albright has replaced Lindsay Janisse as a swing, understudy for the Witch’s Mother, and dance captain. Joseph Medeiros has replaced Adam Fleming in the ensemble and as an understudy for Boq. Lori Holmes has replaced Kristen Leigh … Continue reading

Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour

Broadway Michael DeVries has re-joined the production as the Witch’s Father/Ozian Official & u/s Wizard/Dr. Dillamond. Eric Jon Mahlum, who temporarily replaced Mr. DeVries, has left the production. Ryan Patrick Kelly (former swing) has left the production. 1st National Tour … Continue reading

Media: Wicked in Toledo

Check out the following articles from the “Wicked” 2nd National Touring Company’s stop in Toledo, Ohio. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Local Actor Takes Part in “Wicked” (Zach Hanna) INTERVIEW: Something “Wicked” This Way Comes (Natalie Daradich) Theater Review: “Wicked” (note – this … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Michelle London

Today, we are excited to share an exclusive interview with Michelle London. Michelle has been with “Wicked” since early 2008, when she joined the Chicago company in the ensemble and as an understudy for Glinda. Since then, she has joined … Continue reading