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Remember that Time?: Jackie Burns & The Broom

This is a submission from James, one of our readers: During one of Jackie Burns‘ (former Elphaba – 1NT) performances of “Defying Gravity” as she was getting into the levitator at the end of the song, she accidentally dropped the … Continue reading

Remember That Time…?: Annaleigh Ashford

Remember that time when one show of the Chicago production was stopped due to sound errors? Annaleigh Ashford (former u/s Glinda – 1NT; former Glinda – Broadway, Chicago) stopped the show during “Dancing Through Life” because the mics weren’t working … Continue reading

Remember that Time…?: Jennifer Laura Thomspon

Remember that time when Jennifer Laura Thompson (former Glinda – Broadway) could not make the flower stick in Shoshana Bean’s (former Elphaba – Broadway, 1NT; former s/b Elphaba, Nessarose – Broadway) hair at the end of “Popular”? After trying relentlessly … Continue reading

Remember That Time…?: Kristin Chenoweth

Remember that time when Kristin Chenoweth (original Glinda – Broadway) ad-libbed her way through “Popular” in her last show as Glinda? In addition to performing the song as usual, she created a list of how to be popular. It was … Continue reading

Remember That Time…?: San Francisco Microphone Problems

Remember that San Francisco production performance when there were microphone issues throughout all of act one? Microphones came on too late, causing beginnings of lines to be missed. It all culminated in act two during “Thank Goodness”, when the microphones … Continue reading

Remember that Time…?: Italian Dillamond

Remember that time when Andy Mace (former Dr. Dillamond, u/s Wizard – West End; former ensemble, u/s Dr. Dillamond/Wizard – West End) did the entire show in an Italian accent? It was the May 2009 cast change, and the cast … Continue reading

Remember that Time…?: Idina Menzel

Remember that time when Idina Menzel (original Elphaba – pre-Broadway, Broadway, West End) fell through the trap door and broke three ribs the day before she left the Broadway production? She wasn’t able to do her final show, but she came … Continue reading

Remember that Time…?: Kristy Cates

Remember that time when Kristy Cates (former Elphaba – Chicago; former s/b Elphaba – Chicago; former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Broadway) was rising through the trapdoor for “No Good Deed” – and the trapdoor didn’t open?

Remember that Time…?: Understudy Day

Remember the evening show of June 13, 2004 on Broadway that was known as “understudy day?” Laura Bell Bundy (original s/b Glinda – Broadway), Kristoffer Cusick (former u/s Fiyero – Broadway; former Fiyero – Chicago, Los Angeles) and Sean McCourt (former Dr. … Continue reading

Remember that Time…?: Kristin Chenoweth

Remember that time on Broadway when Kristin Chenoweth’s (original Glinda – Broadway) bed stayed on stage after “Popular”? In the classroom scene right after, William Youmans (original Dr. Dillamond – Broadway) remarked, “I’ve heard of sleeping in class, but this … Continue reading