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Repeat Attenders: The Stories Behind Broadway Superfans

Check out this interview that our very own Jonathan did with!! He mentions his experience with the show and also gives a little shout out to Innuendo and Outuendo! Source

How Can You See WICKED So Much?

We’ve all heard it from parents, friends, colleagues, etc. As soon as you make the “mistake” of slipping that you’ve seen WICKED more than once, or they realize, from your Facebook posts, that you’re seeing it AGAIN – the question … Continue reading

Editorial: Etiquette at the Stage Door

Today, we have a rather different post than anything we’ve ever done – we have compiled a list of tips for what is acceptable behavior when visiting the stage door and interacting with performers at “Wicked”. So how did we … Continue reading

Editorial: Source Veracity

Due to a few emails asking about upcoming casting information, I felt an editorial on source veracity would be appropriate. *Please note that these are merely my opinions and not those of “Wicked”. The following sites are considered to be … Continue reading

Editorial: Stage Door

I’d like to talk a little bit about the trend of meeting the actors after the show at the stage door. I strongly believe that this is a privilege, not a right. The performers’ jobs end when the curtain goes down. When … Continue reading

Editorial: Bringing Children To The Theatre

I recently went to a performance of Oliver!, and was unfortunate enough to be sitting next to a family with a little girl of about three or four years of age, who proceeded to yell, complain, and cry throughout a … Continue reading

Editorial: Drinking in Theatres

I haven’t done an editorial for the site in quite a while, but after some events this weekend, I felt one was necessary. I had the pleasure of seeing the first national tour of “Wicked” this weekend, but for the … Continue reading

Way to Help Haiti & Get Some Awesome Merchandise

Erin Wilson (Ensemble; u/s Madame Morrible – 2nd National Tour) has created a wonderful way for the cast of “Wicked” and its fans to help Haiti “For Good”. Visit her blog by clicking here, where you can bid on some … Continue reading

Editorial: Respectful Critisicm vs. Bashing

I thought I’d write an article on another issue that seems to be rather important within the “Wicked” community – respectful criticism vs. bashing. When critiquing a performance, one should not be expected to be all sunshine and rainbows – … Continue reading

Editorial: Why was Annaleigh Ashford let go from Cirque de Soleil?

There has been a stink in the “Wicked” community (and rightfully so) lately over the sudden firing of Annaleigh Ashford (former Broadway Glinda; u/s Glinda in 1st National Tour) from Cirque de Soleil, and it has left many people wondering … Continue reading