pOZcast: July 30, 2013

Michelle London

Michelle London

This week’s pOZcast, the first of our new, bi-weekly pOZcast, is now available! In addition to the usual sections you know and love, we have:

* An interview with Michelle London (former Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour, 1st Ntl. Tour; former ensemble, u/s Glinda, Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour; former ensemble, u/s Glinda – Chicago) about playing Elle Woods in LEGALLY BLONDE at Stages St. Louis!

* A review of the 2nd National Tour of WICKED by Isaac, which he saw this weekend in Houston, TX.

* Our new “enhanced cast update”, which is explained in the podcast.

* An awesome discussion by Ryan and Jonathan in theatre news, talking about BIG FISH and IF/THEN casting announcements, and the latest developments in the REBECCA scandal.

* A somewhat incoherent WICKED News section by Isaac and Shira, who were running on a combined seven hours of sleep.

It’s a fun and somewhat hilarious episode! So check it out – and let us know your thoughts on the new format!

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You can access the pOZcast folder to download the pOZcast directly, get it via iTunes, and now you can directly stream of our pOZcast from our website! Click below to listen:

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