Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour


John Schiappa has replaced Tom Flynn as Dr. Dillamond.

Lindsay K. Northen has left the company. Amanda Rose will temporarily be performing in her track, but will not be covering Glinda.

1st National Tour

Jesse JP Johnson has replaced Justin Brill as Boq.

Nirine S. Brown has replaced Adea Michelle Sessoms in the ensemble.

Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald is now an understudy for the Witch’s Father, in addition to performing in the ensemble and understudying Fiyero.

2nd National Tour

Jennifer DiNoia has replaced Christine Dwyer as Elphaba.

Hayley Podschun has replaced Jeanna de Waal as Glinda.

David Nathan Perlow has replaced Billy Harrigan Tighe as Fiyero.

Jenny Fellner has temporarily replaced Zarah Mahler as Nessarose.

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