Cast Update: West End

Louise Dearman has replaced Rachel Tucker as Elphaba.

Ben Freeman has replaced Matt Willis as Fiyero.

Katie Rowley Jones has replaced Lillie Flynn as Nessarose and is also an understudy for Elphaba.

Sam Lupton has replaced Adam Pettigrew as Boq.

Louise Plowright has replaced Julie Legrand as Madame Morrible.

Hayley Gallivan has replaced Nikki Davis-Jones as the standby for Elphaba.

Lucy van Gasse has replaced Chloe Taylor as the standby for Glinda.

Paulo Teixeira is now an understudy for Boq, in addition to performing in the ensemble and playing Chistery.

Stuart Ramsey has replaced Kieran Brown in the ensemble, as the Witch’s Father, and as an understudy for The Wizard and Dr. Dillamond.

Lindsay Taylor and Emma Green have joined the ensemble and will be alternating as the Witch’s Mother, replacing Bonnie Parker.

Ashley Andrews, Alex Louize Bird, Andrew Bryant, Sophie Carmen-Jones, Enobong Essien, Harry Francis, David Rudin, Charlotte Scott, Sam Taylor, Nicholas Collier, Soeli Parry, and Gary Wood have left the company.

Florence Andrews has joined company in the ensemble and as an understudy for Glinda and Nessarose.

Jason Winter has joined the company in the ensemble and as an understudy for Fiyero.

Marc McBride has joined the company in the ensemble and as an understudy for Boq.

William Bozier, Phillip Catchpole, Aisling Duffy, Stacey McGuire, and Tom Muggeridge have joined the company in the ensemble.

Lauren Brooke and Justin Thomas have joined the company as swings.

Gemma Atkins is no longer an understudy for Elphaba. Ms. Atkins still covers the role of Nessarose.

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