Media: Wicked in Fort Myers

Anne Brummel and Tiffany Haas

Anne Brummel and Tiffany Haas

Check out these articles from the 2nd National “Wicked” Tour’s stop in Fort Myers, Florida, where the 2nd National Tour began in March 2009.

Review: “Wicked” worth the hype

Wicked: NBC2 gets exclusive backstage tour (video footage with show clips of Anne Brummel (Elphaba))

Review: Sheer spectacle of “Wicked” enchants Fort Myers

Feature: Fort Myers goes green for the witches of “Wicked” (includes comments by Marilyn Caskey (Madame Morrible))

Crowds expected to be off to see “Wicked” at Barbara Mann Hall (includes comments by Anne Brummel (Elphaba))



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