Nessa’s Niblets: March 27, 2012

Marcie Dodd

Marcie Dodd

Alli Mauzey (Glinda – 1NT; former Glinda – San Francisco, Broadway; former s/b Glinda – Broadway) appeared on Cupcake Wars as the guest judge in the “Wicked” episode.

Stevie Tate-Bauer (former u/s Nessarose, u/s Elphaba), Marcie Dodd (former Elphaba – 2NT, Broadway; Elphaba s/b – Los Angeles; principal Nessarose & Elphaba u/s – Los Angeles; Elphaba u/s & Nessraose u/s – 1NT), Eden Espinosa (Elphaba – San Francisco; former Elphaba – Los Angeles, Broadway, 1NT; original s/b Elphaba – Broadway; former u/s Nessarose – Broadway), Shoshana Bean (former Elphaba – 1NT, Broadway; former s/b Elphaba, u/s Nessarose – Broadway), Carla Stickler (s/b Elphaba – 1NT; former ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – 1NT), Jenna Leigh Green (former Nessarose – Los Angeles, Broadway, 1NT; former u/s Elphaba – 1NT), Gemma Atkins (ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Nessarose – West End), Laurel Harris (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour), Gretel Scarlett (ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – Singapore; former ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – Australian Tour), Jennifer DiNoia (former s/b Elphaba – Broadway; former s/b Elphaba, swing, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – Chicago), Maria Eberline (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Broadway; former ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – 1st Ntl. Tour), and Chelsea Kromach (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Broadway; former swing, u/s Nessarose – 1st Ntl. Tour)  have each performed as both Elphaba and Nessa in “Wicked.”

Kerry Ellis (former Elphaba – West End, Broadway; former s/b Elphaba – West End) and Idina Menzel (original Elphaba – pre-Broadway, Broadway, West End) are the only two people who have played Elphaba both on Broadway and in the West End.

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  1. Jonathan C. says:

    Gemma Atkins, Jennifer DiNoia, Maria Eberline, Laurel Harris, Chelsea Krombach, and Gretel Scarlett also all performed as Elphaba and Nessa.

  2. Isaac says:

    Thanks Jonathan; I just edited the post.

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