Nessa’s Niblets: August 23, 2011

Annalene Beechey (original s/b Glinda – West End) and Sarah Earnshaw (former s/b Glinda – West End; original ensemble, u/s Glinda – West End) were in a production of “Alice In Wonderland” together shortly before joining the original London cast of “Wicked”; Annalene played Alice and Sarah was her understudy.

Nikki Davis Jones (s/b Elphaba – West End) plays the ukulele whilst backstage and has achieved some YouTube fame as ‘DJUkulady’.

Harriet Thorpe (former Madame Morrible – West End) is best known by British audiences for her role as Fleur in the popular British sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous”, as well as her performance as the crazy receptionist Carole Parkinson in “The Brittas Empire” who kept her children in her desk.

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