Follow-Up Interview: Stefanie Brown

Printed below is the follow-up interview we conducted with Stefanie Brown this month. Ms. Brown is currently portraying Nessarose on the 1st National Tour; previously, she was in the ensemble and understudied both Glinda and Nessarose. Click here to read our original interview with her from March 2010 and check out the follow-up below!

1. What was your reaction when you were asked to take over Nessarose full time?
I was very grateful that they thought of me! It came at a good point where I had just furnished my new apartment, bought a dog, and was running low on savings, so I thought, what perfect timing! Nessa is such a blast to perform and I was just stunned that they wanted me to play her 8 shows a week. I still am a little stunned.

Stefanie Brown as Nessarose

Stefanie Brown as Nessarose

2. Are there any major differences to your day-to-day life playing Nessa now as opposed to being in the ensemble? Is the role more difficult or easier than being in the ensemble?
Yes, it is totally different. I have a lot more time backstage. Which is good because when I knew I was going to be coming back, I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish while back out on tour. Having more time backstage hasallowed me to really accomplish them. A couple being, read more books, learn how to crochet, start a blog, and to learn photography. Playing Nessa is a lot easier in the sense, I have more time and less costume changes, but more difficult because while on stage, I have to be completely in character and focus on telling the story.

3. Do you ever miss being in the ensemble and playing Glinda?
I do. I miss getting to interact with my friends during the show. I also surprisingly miss the dancing, being confined to a chair most of the show, is sometimes frustrating (just how Nessa must feel). I do miss playing Glinda, I miss her character, and journey through the show. I mostly miss getting to be so goofy on stage.

4. Could you ever see yourself returning to Glinda full time one day?
Sure. Anything is possible. Who knows where my journey will take me 🙂

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