Editorial: Source Veracity

Due to a few emails asking about upcoming casting information, I felt an editorial on source veracity would be appropriate.

*Please note that these are merely my opinions and not those of “Wicked”.

The following sites are considered to be reliable sources: Playbill.com; BroadwayWorld.com (NOT the forums); Broadway.com; WickedtheMusical.com; The official “Wicked” Facebook & Twitter

The following sites are NOT considered to be reliable sources: ANY kind of Wiki; BroadwayWorld.com Forums; WitchesofOz.com; Facebook Fanpages of the Actor/Actress (unless RUN by the actor/actress and NOT a fan); WickedinNews on Twitter/Facebook

Why not? Well, the non-reliable sources are fan run and thus may or may not have confirmed information on them. We would also fall under that category, but anything that is not confirmed is clearly printed under the heading of “Is it True…?” – and we post sources with everything confirmed that we post.

Here’s a tip to those posting on these board types: PLEASE say whether or not something you post is speculation or not. So many rumors were started by an innocent post that was meant as speculation but was taken as fact.

Together, we can have a world of “Wicked” where speculation is abundant but facts are clearly delegated as such.

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