Remember that Time…?: Italian Dillamond

Remember that time when Andy Mace (former Dr. Dillamond, u/s Wizard – West End; former ensemble, u/s Dr. Dillamond/Wizard – West End) did the entire show in an Italian accent? It was the May 2009 cast change, and the cast were doing the traditional ‘muck up matinee’, where the cast mess around for the final matinee before their last show in the evening. Andy Mace was definitely the prankster of that cast change; amongst other things, he (as Frex) came on stage to greet the Witch’s Mother with a big brown bag with ‘LUNCH’ written on it, and when Elphaba asked Dr. Dillamond if he wanted a glass of water, he replied with ‘yes actually, if you have one’ – resulting in a very confused Kerry Ellis!

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