Hi – I hope everyone is enjoying the new blog! We made the switch to this site due to increased traffic on the blog; I felt that it was worth paying a little bit now that I knew we had several regular readers. With this growth, I am pleased to announce that we have added a second editor: Christina. Christina is a good friend of mine and will be working hard along with me to keep this blog running; she will also be filling in as editor-in-chief when I’m away for any length of time. Please be sure to give her a warm welcome as she joins the staff here. She can be reached at the same email address as I can: editor@innuendoandoutuendo.com. Her bio is printed below:

Christina has been a fan of musicals ever since her ninth-grade band teacher played the Original London Cast Recording of “The Phantom Of the Opera”. She seen the San Francisco company of Wicked over twenty times and counting. She enjoys writing, and has a strange fondness for studying vocabulary.

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