Is It True…?: Wicked West End Casting

There are quite a few rumors circulating as to the casting of the West End Production of “Wicked” – set to change on 29th March 2010. The rumors (and nothing more – most of this is just heresy):

– All principal cast are set to leave, as well as Ashleigh Grey (Elphaba s/b).
– Sarah Earnshaw (Glinda s/b) will be staying through.
– Most ensemble will be leaving.
– Rachel Tucker will be Elphaba & Louise Dearman will be Glinda (this is VERY strongly rumored).

Let me know ( if you hear anything else plausible! Remember, all of this information is purely RUMOR, hence the “Is It True…?” title.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    More West End rumours – George Ure being promoted to lead Boq. He definitely auditioned for it but last I heard he hadn't heard if he'd got it. They'd be mad not to promote him though, he's brilliant…

    Also, Stevie Tate-Bauer appears to be coming back (she was a temporary ensemble member/Nessa understudy a few months ago) as cover Elphaba – don't know if that means understudy or standby, but it definitely seems true as it's on her Spotlight page.

  2. Isaac says:

    Gotcha, thanks 🙂 I'll post that in my next rumors post.

  3. Billy says:

    I Got my 2011 West End casting rumors of Wicked to include Jessica Robinson as Elphaba, Bronte Barbe as Glinda, Jo Frost as Madame Morrible, Peter Davison as The Wizard, Duncan James as Fiyero, Ben James-Ellis as Boq, Sophie Evans as Nessarose, Michael Ball as Doctor Dillamond, Steph Fearon (Standby for Elphaba) & Lauren Samuels (Standby for Glinda; u/s Nessarose).

    The 2011 WICKED ensemble comprises Sherrie Pennington, Chris Ellis-Stanton, Emma Bateman, Gavin Alex, Nadine Higgin, Adrian Hansel, Rachael Wooding, Sean Mulligan, Jenny Douglas, Philip Catchpole, Jenii Hicks, Andile Gumbi, Zara Warren, Ed White, Fem Belling, Darren Carnall, Sorelle Marsh, Francis Haugen, Jane McMurtrie, Fabian Aloise, Suzie McAdam, Matthew McKenna, Tamara Wall, Dan Burton, Roxanne Palmer, Sergio Priftis, Lucy Miller.

    Swings: Alex Gaumond, Susan McFadden, Danny Bayne, Amy Lennox.

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