Clearning Confusion: Wicked 1st National Tour

With the help of a reliable source, I am posting now to clear some confusion about the 1st National Tour of “Wicked”.

The reason for this confusion is the fact that Donna Vivino’s (Elphaba) site originally listed her as being with the tour through November 1, 2009. Clearly, she is still with it. She rescinded this statement once things had changed, but unfortunately some people still misunderstood and thought it meant she was leaving soon. According to my source, Donna Vivino will be with the tour AT LEAST through April 11, 2010 in New Orleans, as will Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda).

Another rumor that started was that Katie Rose Clarke (former 1st Ntl. Tour Glinda) would be returning in December 2009. This is incorrect; she was going to return but the contract fell through. Whether or not the other part of the rumor is true (that she would replace Erin Mackey (Broadway Glinda) in February 2010) is unclear at the moment.

Hope this helps clear any confusion, and remember that any of this is subject to change, but as soon as we know here, you’ll know.

The First National Tour is currently in Denver, Colorado through Sunday, November 15th. Visit for tickets to the show.

PHOTO: Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda) & Donna Vivino (Elphaba)

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3 Responses to Clearning Confusion: Wicked 1st National Tour

  1. Donna Vivino says:

    I just checked out your site and thanks for posting the Big Cat Rescue video! I just wanted to clarify that the article above isn’t quite correct. There is no such thing as an ensemble contract “expiring”. Ensemble contracts never ever expire — they are open-ended. So basically if an ensemble member chooses to leave the show that is why they would be leaving. Principals have contracts that have end dates but ensemble members do not.

    Thanks again!


  2. Isaac says:

    Thanks a bunch Donna – I had heard that before about ensemble contracts, and this source told me otherwise so I believed it – apparently it was incorrect.

  3. chandra#1FAN says:

    i have to dis agree witgh you about chandra not caring “cold shoulder”…she was so nice to everyone at the stage door when i went. she doesn’t always come out for the stage door because she has otrher things to do. so if i were you a would be very happy
    she is so nice and caring to her fans, but yiou have to remember that she has a life and its not always in the theater….
    i truly hope that i’m not coming across as rude.
    love and peace


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