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Livesay & Murney Set For Alan Menken Tribute, 10/21

Lisa Livesay (former ensemble, u/s Glinda, Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour) and Julia Murney (former Elphaba – Broadway, 1st Ntl. Tour) will be among the performers at the New Opera Theatre’s Tribute concert to composer Alan Menken. The event takes … Continue reading

Cast Update: 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour

1st National Tour Natalie Daradich has left the production. The 1st National Tour no longer has a standby for Glinda. 2nd National Tour Jillian Kates has replaced Lisa Livesay in the ensemble and as an understudy for Glinda. Anna Eilinsfeld … Continue reading

Cast Update: Universal Swings, Broadway, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour

Universal Swings Desi Oakley has been added to the website as a swing and cover for the Midwife. Broadway Taylor Trensch has replaced Etai BenShlomo as Boq. 1st National Tour Emily Ferranti has replaced Cristy Candler as Nessarose. *Lesley McKinnell … Continue reading

Cast Update: 2nd National Tour

Catherine Charlebois has replaced Emily Ferranti as Nessarose. Ms. Ferranti begins performances on the 1st National Tour next week. Lisa Livesay is now an understudy for Nessarose as well as Glinda.

Video Footage: Lisa Livesay sings “A Change in Me”

Check out this video of Lisa Livesay (current ensemble, u/s Glinda – 2NT) performing “A Change in Me” at Redlands bowl. Credit to YouTube user oymua for the video, which is embedded below for your convenience.

Cast Update: 2nd National Tour

Lisa Livesay has replaced Lesley McKinnell in the ensemble and as an understudy for Glinda. Ms. McKinnell also understudied Nessarose; however, the tour already has two Nessarose understudies, so Ms. Livesay will not be covering the role.