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David Nathan Perlow to Join Cast of “Wicked”

Congratulations to David Nathan Perlow, who will be joining the 2nd National Touring cast in the role of Fiyero, replacing current Fiyero Chris Peluso. Mr. Perlow will begin on December 27, 2010 in Indianapolis. He has previously been seen on … Continue reading

Media: Wicked in Little Rock & Toronto

Check out this article from “Wicked” in Toronto: It’s easy getting green: Watching the Wicked Witch’s Transformation (interview with Mariand Torres (s/b for Elphaba – 1NT) and Christina Tracey (Make-Up Assistant)) “Witchy” Women (interview with Chris Peluso (Fiyero – 2NT; … Continue reading

Additional Media: “Wicked” in Madison

Check out the following additional interviews from the 2nd National Touring Cast of “Wicked”‘s stop in Madison, Wisconsin! Casting a “Wicked” Enchantment [interview with Chris Peluso (Fiyero)] Something “Wicked” This Way Comes [interview with Zach Hanna (Boq)]

Cast Update: 2nd National Touring Company

The official “Wicked” website for the 2nd National Touring Company has been updated. Natalie Daradich (former Glinda s/b, Nessarose u/s – San Francisco; former Glinda s/b & u/s,  Nessarose u/s, swing  – Los Angeles) has replaced Heléne Yorke as Glinda. Chris … Continue reading

Daradich, Peluso to Join 2nd National Tour of “Wicked”

Congratulations to Natalie Daradich and Chris Peluso who will be joining the 2nd National Tour of “Wicked” on March 10 as Glinda and Fiyero. Daradich joins from the San Francisco company where she covered the roles of Glinda and Nessarose. … Continue reading

Chris Peluso to Replace Colin Donnell on “Wicked” 2nd Ntl. Tour

According to inside information, Chris Peluso (former 1NT Ensemble; u/s Fiyero) will be replacing Colin Donnell as Fiyero in the 2nd National Tour of “Wicked”. We do not have a date as of now but we are assuming early March … Continue reading