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Nessa’s Niblets: March 16, 2015

Felicia Ricci (former s/b Elphaba, former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – San Francisco) currently teaches a free singing course via her website.  She has also written a book called “Unnatutually Green” about her time in WICKED. Sam Lips (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – … Continue reading

Nessa’s Niblets: March 2, 2015

Derrick Williams (former Fiyero – Los Angeles, Broadway, Chicago, 1st Natl. Tour, former swing, u/s Fiyero – Broadway) and KJ Hippensteel (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 2nd Ntl. Tour) are currently in BOOK OF MORMON on Broadway as the General and Elder Price … Continue reading

Billy Harrigan Tighe to Star in London’s THE BOOK OF MORMON

Billy Harrigan Tighe (former Fiyero, former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 2nd Natl. Tour) will join the West End production of THE BOOK OF MORMON as Elder Price, beginning July 28. Tighe joins a cast that includes Alexia Khadime (former Elphaba … Continue reading

Stickler and Tighe to Star in Industry Preview of New Musical BOYS VS GIRLS

Carla Stickler (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Broadway; former s/b Elphaba, u/s Nessarose, ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose – 1st Ntl. Tour) and Billy Harrigan Tighe (former Fiyero, ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 2nd Ntl. Tour) have been cast in a preview of the new musical … Continue reading

Blake, Reese, Servais & Tighe Set for OVERCASH & CHANGE 2

Richard H. Blake (former Fiyero – Broadway, 1st Ntl. Tour), Kristine Reese (former Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour, 1st Ntl. Tour), Libby Servais (former swing, u/s Glinda – Broadway; former s/b Glinda – San Francisco; former ensemble, u/s Glinda – 2nd Ntl. … Continue reading

Video Footage: KJ Hippensteel & Billy Harrigan Tighe perorm at HALF HOUR 4: A LAST MINUTE CONCERT

Check out these videos of KJ Hippensteel (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 2nd Ntl. Tour) performing “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars and Billy Harrigan Tighe (former Fiyero, ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 2nd Ntl. Tour) performing “Maria” from WEST SIDE STORY at HALF HOUR 4: … Continue reading

Hippensteel and Tighe Scheduled to Perform at Concert

Understudies from several Broadway musicals will perform a concert on November 24 at the Laurie Beechman Theatre.  According to press notes, “BroadwayUnderstudies.com has once again invited some of Broadway’s most talented understudies to the stage…to share their rare talent — … Continue reading

Stickler, Tighe to be Featured in At This Performance

On October 14, Musicals Tonight! will continue its tradition of featuring stand-bys and understudies in At This Performance.  Hosted by Stephen DeAngelis with musical direction by and accompaniment by Eugene Gwozdz, the concert will being at 7 PM at the Lion Theatre.  Scheduled … Continue reading


Check out the following videos from BROADWAY SINGS AMY WINEHOUSE, which took place on September 9, 2013 at le Poisson Rouge. The videos are credited to Corey Mach, and are embedded below for your convenience. They include the following performers: Christine … Continue reading

de Waal, Dwyer, Mach, Reese, Tighe and Zirilli Set for BROADWAY SINGS AMY WINEHOUSE

Jeanna de Waal (former Glinda – 2nd Ntl. Tour), Christine Dwyer (former Elphaba, former s/b Elphaba, former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – 2nd Ntl. Tour), Corey Mach (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 1st Ntl. Tour), Kristine Reese (former Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. … Continue reading