Interviews are a major part of “Innuendo & Outuendo”. Listed below are the two types of interviews we do: fan interviews and performer interviews.


Fan Interviews are completed, as the name would suggest, by fans who have seen the show with at least three different actresses performing as Elphaba and Glinda. If you are interested in completing an interview, please send an email to or use the Submissions form at the top of the page.


Perhaps the most interesting part of this site is the collection of exclusive interviews by performers we obtain. We contact performers, and if they agree to an interview, we send a list of questions and work with them to get the interview edited and ready for publication. If you are a performer and wish to complete an interview, please send an email to Click the “Exclusive Interviews” button on the right toolbar to read ones previously conducted!

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  1. Billy says:

    Lauren Ashley Zakrin.

    What is your dream roles?

    How did you became fourth place on Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods?

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