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Wicked UK and Ireland Tour Review: 9th June, 2018
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Wicked UK and Ireland Tour Review: 9th June, 2018
I am back from my weekend trip away to Edinburgh, where I saw both shows for the closing day of the tour at the Edinburgh Playhouse. I just wanted to post a brief-ish review of the show (for anyone who may be interested). Quick note to say that Edinburgh is a gorgeous city, and the Playhouse is a stunning theatre which really helped bring the show to life. The audiences really helped make it a special final day in Edinburgh!

Amy Ross (Elphaba): Amy was just stunning as Elphaba. I had seen her previously in Liverpool, and she has improved many aspects of her performance. She has added some new acting choices which really make her Elphaba more unique, her acting in the role is what truly makes her a standout for me. Amy is able to combine so many different layers of emotion in her Elphaba, which makes her journey very believable and emotional to watch. Vocally, she is quite consistent. She dropped a few of her smaller riffs, which I believe has benefited her in being able to consistently perform eight times a week without over-exerting herself. By far, a standout among the Elphabas I have seen to date.

Charli Baptie (u/s Glinda): I was delighted to get the opportunity to see Charli as Glinda, as I had heard positive reviews from other fans of the show. Charli gave a very emotive performance, her facial expressions are very good and you can see the emotions that she is processing throughout the show without becoming overly expressive and "cartoon"-ish. Charli really had the audience going during Popular, where she added some really unique touches that I haven't seen any other Glinda do. She has really brought her own stamp to the role already which is a delight to see.

Aaron Sidwell (Fiyero): Aaron was again very cheeky and oddly charming as Fiyero. I enjoy when Fiyero adds that level of smug, bad boy charm to their performance, without making it overbearing. The chemistry between Aaron and Amy is very believable on stage, and you can see this connection building throughout the show, with it culminating in an incredibly steamy rendition of As Long As You're Mine. Vocally, Aaron is very solid and has some gorgeous vocalisations throughout the show, often using his accent to help improve these moments.

Kim Ismay (Madame Morrible): I don't think I have ever hated Madame Morrible THIS much. Kim has transformed Madame Morrible into the nastiest b*tch on stage, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Throughout the show, you could see the absolute disdain that Morrible held for Glinda. Every second that Glinda and Morrible were together on stage, Kim would have the most hilarious grimace on her face and she would not let up on this throughout the show. Her comedic timing is excellent and she really manages to sneak in every bit of humour (where it is appropriate), while also keeping her menacing presence.

Iddon Jones (Boq): Being perfectly honest, I am quite disappointed in Iddon as Boq. I understand that Boq isn't exactly a big role with much scope, but he just seems fed up with the role. You can tell that Iddon is just running through the motions on stage. He misses several opportunities where he could make his character stand out, and instead gives a tired performance.

Emily Shaw (Nessarose): I am pleased to say that Emily has improved on several aspects of her performance as Nessarose. Emily comes across as quite a timid, yet likable Nessarose. She does not overstate her performance, which lends well to the way that she has decided to play the role. Vocally, she isn't as powerful as I'd like in her big moment of Act 2, but there is certainly an improvement from when I have previously seen her. During certain parts of the show however, I do feel that Emily is somewhat bored. Regardless, she still delivers an enjoyable performance.

Steven Pinder (The Wizard & Dr Dillamond): I adore Steven Pinder. In both roles, he manages to make the characters come to life with an added layer of personality that I haven't seen other actors quite achieve. As Dr Dillamond, Steven really achieves the caring, fatherly role towards Elphaba, and certainly succeeds in making you feel bad for Dr Dillamond. As the Wizard, Steven makes the role so much fun and makes scenes such as Wonderful a joy to watch.


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