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A New Head Shiztress Here At “Innuendo and Outuendo”

I apologize for the corny title; I couldn’t help myself! As you may have noticed, most of the posts on this site lately have been authored by Christina, who has in the past been a co-editor, and we’ve had a … Continue reading

Introducing Joy

We are thrilled to be introducing Joy to our staff here at “Innuendo & Outuendo”. Check out her bio below and be sure to give her a warm welcome! Joy (writer) is a Brit born and bred, even though she’s based on the … Continue reading

Ways to Get Involved With the Message Board

In case you haven’t seen, we’ve opened a new message board in conjunction with “Innuendo & Outuendo”. There is a link on the left sidebar! We know that many of you have never participated in a message board before. Where … Continue reading

Check out our Forum!

We have officially opened our forum here at Innuendo & Outuendo. It can be found by clicking here. We have lots of exciting features planned, including review incentives (check them out on the site) and performer interaction. We hope you’ll join … Continue reading


Hello everyone! We’re currently scoping out the possibility of opening up a new “Wicked” forum in conjunction with our website. Are you interested? Please let us know via the contact page above, our Facebook page, or twitter (@wicked_blog). Thanks so … Continue reading

Welcome, Shira!

Today, we are excited to announce an addition to our writing staff. Shira will be joining Christina, Rachel, Jess, and myself as the staff for the site. She will be writing posts from time to time and generally helping out … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

The staff of Innuendo & Outuendo would like to wish each and every one of our readers a Merry Christmas! No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, we hope everyone has a happy and restful day with family and … Continue reading

Open for Applications: New Writer

We are looking for one more writer to add to our staff of Innuendo & Outuendo. Due to all four current staff becoming a bit busier, the need for a fifth writer is evident to us. If you are interested … Continue reading

Fan Interviews Needed

We’re once again looking for some people to complete interviews who have not done so yet. Fan Interviews are completed, as the name would suggest, by fans who have seen the show with at least three different actresses performing as … Continue reading

New Theme

What do you think of our new theme? Please let us know in the comments here or via-email on the Contact page. We changed due to the excessive glitchiness of the old theme. Thanks for your continuing support!