Nessa’s Niblets: October 19, 2015

Fred Applegate

Fred Applegate

Fred Applegate (Wizard – Broadway) and Lenny Wolpe (former Wizard – 1st Natl. Tour, Broadway) both played the role of Max Detweiler in THE SOUND OF MUSIC on Broadway. Gina Farrell (former Madame Morrible – 2nd Natl. Tour) was also in this cast.

Jeffrey Kuhn (former Boq – Broadway), Kendra Kassebaum (former Glinda – San Francisco, Broadway, 1st Natl. Tour), Chris Peluso (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – 2nd Natl. Tour, 1st Natl. Tour; former Fiyero – 2nd Natl Tour), and John Schiappa (Witch’s Father, ensemble, u/s Wizard, u/s Dillamond – Broadway; former swing, u/s Witch’s Father, u/s Wizard, u/s Dillamond – Broadway) were all in the short-lived Broadway musical ASSASSINS.

Constantine Rousouli (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – Broadway) and Afra Hines (former ensemble – Broadway) were both in the ensemble of GHOST THE MUSICAL on Broadway.


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