Sarah Schenkkan Featured on Demo Recordings of AMANDINE

Sarah Schenkkan

Sarah Schenkkan

Sarah Schenkkan (former ensemble, u/s Glinda) is featured on the demo recordings of the new musical, AMANDINE. To listen to the demo recordings, which includes seven tracks, visit

According to authors Winter Miller and Lance Horne, AMANDINE tells the story of a person caught profoundly ‘in between.’ Born intersex and raised as a girl in the most traditional and cloistered of settings, Amandine is too smart, too ambitious, too awkward—and too unlike the other girls. Driven by shame and fear of her unruly body, she retreats into a life of the mind, teaching in a highly religious girls’ academy. Amandine falls in love, but soon her body betrays her, leading to a shocking discovery with devastating consequences. Her final years are spent wandering Paris in a new role: that of a man. Yet, Amandine’s struggle is ours: to be accepted for who we are, as we are.”

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