pOZcast: November 29, 2013

Laurel Harris

Laurel Harris

Happy Black Friday, everyone! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving — and even more so, we hope you’re ready to listen to Innuendo & Outuendo’s 43rd pOZcast! Also, we thank you — as always — for being so wonderful and supportive of this pOZcast over the past year — our first episode was on November 19, 2012! It’s hard for us to believe that we’ve had this going for a year! So what do we have for you this week?

* Ryan & Isaac have a great chat with Laurel Harris, who is currently the standby for Elphaba and understudy for Nessarose on the 1st National Tour of WICKED. Previously, Laurel has performed in the ensemble and as understudy for Elphaba and Nessarose on the 2nd National Tour, as well as in EVITA on Broadway as the Eva understudy! Check it out to hear about her CRAZY story of her first time on as Elphaba, her passions other than performing, and her advice to future performers!

* Our usual sections, including WICKED News & Media — no theatre news this week due to the holidays!

Thanks to technical editor Mathew Bradfield for putting this together!

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