Felicia Ricci Offers Online Course in Belting

Felicia Ricci

Felicia Ricci

Felicia Ricci (former s/b Elphaba, ensemble, u/s Elphaba – San Francisco) is offering an online course in belting, which is available for purchase now. The course, entitled “BELT YOUR FACE OFF”, has a description on the course website as follows:

“Welcome to Belt Your Face Off, a complete singing curriculum designed to give you ALL the tools you need to be able to master the belting technique. Belting is a singing style practiced by Broadway performers, pop singers, and rock stars in which chest voice is applied to a high range of notes. This complete A-to-Z course offers a carefully planned sequence of belting warmups and techniques designed to transform your voice with the effectiveness of one-on-one teaching.

Under the guidance of Broadway actress Felicia Ricci — who honed her belting craft while playing the lead role of Elphaba in Wicked the musical — these lessons will leave you in tip-top singing shaped, armed and ready to belt healthily and wow everyone at your next audition, talent show, or musical performance.

This series was designed for singers of all levels who are seeking to master the belting technique. Felicia teaches in clear, plain language that’s not overly technical or long-winded, conveying her information with tons of gutso (and humor, too!). Extremely interactive, these lessons don’t just involve talking about a concept, but applying it to over 30 exercises, vocalizations, and practice sessions. Felicia stays with you every step of the way, finding creative ways to get you to access your best voice.”

Click here for further information and for $30 off of the course, from now through November 11!

Click here to visit Ms. Ricci’s blog, which contains more details, a preview, and a discount!

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