Etai BenShlomo Cast in GableStage’s MY NAME IS ASHER LEV

Etai BenShlomo

Etai BenShlomo

Etai BenShlomo (former Boq – Broadway, 1st Ntl. Tour, San Francisco) has been cast in GableStage’s upcoming production of MY NAME IS ASHER LEV. Mr. BenShlomo will play the title role of Asher Lev. Directed by Joe Adler, this production will run November 23 through December 22.

Set in post-WWII Brooklyn, MY NAME IS ASHER LEV tells the powerful story of a young Jewish painter torn between his Hasidic upbringing, and the desperate need to fulfill his artistic promise — against the will of family, community and tradition.

For tickets and more information, visit GableStage is located in Coral Gables, Florida.


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