Changes to the pOZcast

In an effort to make a higher-quality and more exciting pOZcast for our listeners, and to make things easier on our busy staff members, we are making some changes to the pOZcast as outlined below:

* Instead of coming out weekly, the pOZcast will come out every other week – so our next episode will be on July 30.

* We will try to have a special segment in each pOZcast, whether it be a WICKED review, other show review, a Session with Kristine, or an interview, in addition to our usual panel discussions, thus making each pOZcast special in some way.

* We may occasionally put out an “extra” pOZcast when there is a special interview or something for which we deem an extra special episode necessary.

What are your thoughts, listeners? You know how to get in touch with us – let us know what you think of these changes and any other suggestion you may have!

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