Nessa’s Niblets: April 16, 2013

Angel Reda

Angel Reda

Nikki Davis-Jones (upcoming Elphaba – UK/Ireland Tour; former s/b Elphaba – West End), Suzanne de Heij (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Scheveningen), Lucy Durack (upcoming Glinda – Australia/New Zealand Tour; former t/r Glinda – Asian Tour; former Glinda – Australian Tour, Sydney, Melbourne), Jenny Fellner (Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour; former Nessarose – Broadway), Amanda Harrison (former Elphaba – Sydney, Melbourne), Valerie Link (former alternate Glinda – Oberhausen, Stuttgart; former ensemble, u/s Glinda – Stuttgart), Alison Luff (Elphaba – 1st Ntl. Tour), Carrie Manolakos (former s/b Elphaba – San Francisco, 2nd Ntl. Tour), Suzie Mathers (upcoming Glinda – Australia/New Zealand Tour; former Glinda – Asian Tour; former Midwife, ensemble, u/s Glinda – Australian Tour; former swing – Sydney, Melbourne), Vicki Noon (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Broadway, Chicago; former Elphaba – 2nd Ntl. Tour; former s/b Elphaba – San Francisco, Los Angeles), Manon Novak (former ensemble, u/s Glinda – Scheveningen), Céline Purcell (former alternate Glinda – Scheveningen), Kristine Reese (former Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour, 1st Ntl. Tour; former swing, u/s Nessarose, u/s Midwife – 1st Ntl. Tour), Gretel Scarlett (former Witch’s Mother, ensemble, u/s Elphaba, u/s Nessarose – Asian Tour; former Witch’s Mother, ensemble, u/s Nessarose – Australian Tour),  Carla Stickler (ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Broadway; former s/b Elphaba, u/s Nessarose – 1st Ntl. Tour; former ensemble, u/s Elphaba, u/s Nessarose – 1st Ntl. Tour) and Shona White (former s/b Elphaba – West End) have all either played or covered the role of Sophie Sheridan in MAMMA MIA!

Dioni Michelle Collins (former ensemble, u/s Madame Morrible – Broadway, Los Angeles, Chicago) and Brooke Elliott (former ensemble, u/s Madame Morrible – 1st Ntl. Tour) understudied Liz McCartney (former Madame Morrible – 1st Ntl. Tour) as Big Sue in TABOO. Ms. Elliott temporarily replaced Ms. McCartney in the role during her maternity leave.

Angel Reda (former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – San Francisco, Los Angeles) currently plays Go-to-Hell Kitty and understudies the role of Velma Kelly in the Broadway revival of CHICAGO. Ms. Reda has previously appeared in this production as Mona and Annie, as well as understudying Roxie Hart.

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