Nessa’s Niblets: January 25, 2013

Mandy Gonzalez

Mandy Gonzalez

Stephanie J. Block  (former Elphaba – Broadway, 1st Ntl. Tour; former ensemble, u/s Elphaba – Pre-Broadway) uses her middle initial in her name because there is a preacher named Stephanie Block, and Stephanie J. Block would often receive emails intended for the preacher, regarding her sermons and theology.

Lisa Brescia (former Elphaba – Chicago; former s/b Elphaba – Broadway) was Mandy Gonzalez’s (former Elphaba – Broadway) standby in AIDA in the role of Amneris.

Jenna Leigh Green  (former Nessarose – Los Angeles, Broadway; former Nessarose, u/s Elphaba – 1st Ntl. Tour) performed the role of Libby Chessler on the television show SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH.

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