Staff Changes

Good afternoon, readers! Some exciting staff changes are coming on Innuendo & Outuendo, and I am thrilled to be informing you of them.

Firstly, on a bittersweet note, as of today, I have stepped down as Head Editor after nearly three years? Why? When I founded this blog, I had much more time than I do now and actually had time to post every day, running it on my own until I found my fabulous co-head editor, Christina Daniels, then Jessica Barnett and Rachel Kettles to assist further, and later, Shira Harris and Jonathan Cort. At this point, I am assisting with some posts and helping a lot “behind the scenes”, but not posting as much.

Due to this, we have named Christina Daniels as Managing Editor of the blog – she came on staff and has been a huge asset to the blog since January 2010, and a wonderful friend to me for even longer. She currently, and truly has since the summer, conducts day-to-day operation of the blog, and it has recently become clear to me that with my busy schedule, this is going to be a lengthy, if not permanent change. With this change, Jonathan Cort has been named an editor, as he contributes constantly and is responsible for cast updates each week. Of course, I will also mention the lovely Shira Harris, who like me, has a very busy schedule, but is a fabulous writer and helps us out regularly on the blog with her enthusiasm and writing skills.

At this point, I will henceforth no longer be known as HEAD Editor, but as simply…. Advising Editor (sorry, corny reference). I will still do lots of behind the scenes work, including managing interviews, staff scheduling, and of course, occasionally posting.

Thank you, readers, for being a fabulous group of people to work for, and please welcome our lovely new leader with the same enthusiasm you’ve always given me!

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