Exclusive Interview: Jane Brockman

Today, we are excited to share an exclusive interview with Jane Brockman of the 2nd National Touring Production. Ms. Brockman performs nightly as the Midwife while occasionally performing the role of Madame Morrible, who she understudies. Previously, she has performed in A CHRISTMAS CAROL on Broadway, as well as THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, and HELLO DOLLY on tour. For more information about her, click here to visit her website. Check out her thoughts on the show below!

“Getting to Know You” 
I was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey is a terrific place to grow up and I got A LOT of support from my teachers there. I remain friends with many of them to this day. I was ALWAYS singing….I mean ALL THE TIME!! I think it became a little annoying to my sister, but I couldn’t get enough of it! Singing and listening to records of all the old standards (The King and I, The Sound of Music). So singing was always a huge part of my life.

I have several favorite cities while on tour. I love Seattle and Madison, and I really enjoyed myself when we went to Hershey with “The Light in the Piazza”. it was great to be working in my hometown!

Hobbies – well, I have started knitting again. I have some down time back stage and I am still trying to figure out how to fill it! I’m reading a lot more!

“WICKED Times”
My first performance as the Midwife in Wicked went by so fast! It was great though because this company is unbelievably supportive. Really. They are such a great group of people. I think when you come into a show that is already up and running you just have to take a deep breath and jump in – and that’s kind of how it feels that first time!

The same thing happened with Madame Morrible….but once her first scene was over I found myself relaxing a bit for the rest of the show. Then, of course, the SECOND time I went on I actually enjoyed myself!!

“Dream Roles & Advice”

I have been fortunate to have performed many of them. Margaret in “The Light in the Piazza” was one of the most completely satisfying roles I have ever done. And I am looking forward to doing it again one of these days. One of my all time favorites! Others – Lizzie in “110 in the Shade” Anna in ‘The King and I”.

I think the advice I would give to aspiring performers would be to continue to work on your craft. ALL aspects. If you are an amazing singer, keep studying voice but get yourself into acting classes and dance classes. You may not be a triple threat but it’s always best to broaden your skills so you are more prepared for whatever might be thrown at you at an audition. And the other thing I would say is just do as many projects as you can. New writers, composers, directors are always working on new material. It’s important to connect with them and work on that new stuff.

And finally I would remind them not to compare their professional path with anyone else. You are on your own Journey in this business…..everything happens for a reason. Maybe you didn’t get that job you desperately wanted,but two months down the road you get a better one that leads to bigger and better things.

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