Exclusive Interview: Casey Quinn

Today we are pleased to present an Exclusive Interview with Casey Quinn, who is currently in the ensemble of the Broadway production of WICKED. Ms. Quinn has previously performed as an original cast member of the 2nd National Tour, as well as in the Chicago sit-down production. You can follow her on Twitter at @CaseyQuinn85. Check out her interview below!


Casey Quinn

What was the first professional show you performed in? What did you learn from the experience?
The first professional show I performed in was Wicked! I learned actually how many people it takes to put up a Broadway show and all the ins and outs of theater. Also how hardworking and dedicated everyone is. It was so inspiring.

What was your initial audition process for WICKED like?
I auditioned many times for this show in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. I was determined to be in this show so I kept going back and back.

What was your reaction when you were first cast in the show?
When I got the call from my agent that I would be joining the Chicago company I was so shocked and so excited! I called everyone I knew right away. My dream turned into a reality.

How long was your initial rehearsal process for the show? What was it like?
I had 2 weeks of rehearsal before my first performance. It was so much fun. I learned the whole show in about 4 days and then also had vocal rehearsal throughout the 2 weeks. After I was done learning the show I would watch backstage and follow my track around

What do you remember about your first performance in the show?
I remember having so much fun! My whole family and my best friend were out in the audience to cheer me on. It all went by so fast and I couldn’t believe I was actually in Wicked!!

You have performed in the Chicago sit-down and also as an original cast member on the 2nd National Tour. What are some of the biggest differences in performing in a sit-down production versus touring?
The biggest difference between the two is on tour you pick up and move every 3 to 4 weeks, whereas in Chicago, I had an apartment to go home to after the show. Also, in Chicago we were at the Oriental Theater and on tour you have to get used to different theaters all the time. They both were a great experience.

Casey Quinn in “One Short Day


What were your some of your favorite cities that you visited on tour?
Some of my favorite cities on tour were- Vancouver, Austin, Philadelphia, Detroit- my home town were I got to spend a whole month there over Christmas and also Montreal!! All of these cities I have had great memories from and will hopefully get the chance to go back and perform in one day.

Have you witnessed – or perhaps been involved in – any onstage bloopers or mishaps that you’d like to share with us?
Over the past 4 1/2 years I have seen many and been apart of some as well. Tons of people falling and things like that but one of my favorites was when the power went out in Chicago right in the middle of “As Long As You’re Mine.”

What advice would you give to aspiring performers?
I would say to keep training and never give up on your dreams!!
How did your promotion to the Broadway company of WICKED come about?
The day after I finished on tour my agent called me and said that they would like me to cover in the Broadway company for awhile!! I was so excited to be making my Broadway Debut!! Dreams really do come true!

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