Nessa’s Niblets: August 9, 2012

Glinda’s blue “Popular” dress from the San Francisco tryout.

Apologies for the lateness of these!

– Glinda’s dress for “Popular” in the San Francisco tryout of WICKED was a very similar design to the current dress, but was blue instead of pink.

– Though it never made it into the show, the original score of WICKED features a reprise to “Defying Gravity” in Act 2, in the scene at Munchkinland with Nessarose.

– The “unlimited” con motif, used in several places in WICKED, including the overture, “The Wizard and I”, and “Defying Gravity”, was also originally featured in “No Good Deed” as well – but in a minor key. The lyrics were as follows – “One more disaster I can add to my generous supply! Unlimited, the damage is unlimited – to everyone I have tried to help or tried to love. And lucky Fiyero, you’re the latest victim of my greatest achievement in a long career of distress. Every time I could, I’ve tried making good, but what I made is a mess. Destructive mess! Yes! You could call it limitless…”

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