Nessa’s Niblets: July 10, 2012

Kristine Reese

– Kristine Reese (former Nessa – 2nd Nat’l Tour, 1st Nat’l Tour; former swing, u/s Nessa – 1st Nat’l Tour) is featured each Friday Night on a New York Jets football show called “Flight 5 Live”. The show streams live online; click here for details.

– In an interview with, Christina DeCicco (former Glinda – 1st Nat’l Tour) revealed that her first tape owned was “New Kids on the Block”, which featured Joey McIntyre (former Fiyero – Broadway).

– Andy Kelso (Fiyero – 1st Nat’l Tour) attended the University of North Colorado, where he graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts/Acting and also earned the Departmental Scholar Award.

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