Addendum: Jeremy McQueen

Yesterday, we posted this news about how you can support Jeremy McQueen’s (former ensemble – 1NT) choreography project. There was an issue with the donation website, which has been resolved, as detailed in Mr. McQueen’s letter below:

 McQueen’s donation page is back in business!Top

Greetings!   McQueen Logo



It was recently brought to my attention that due to a technical glitch within the New York Live Arts’ website, online donations in support of my upcoming choreographic projects were unable to be completed and processed. Please accept my appologies for any inconvenice that this situation may have caused. New York Live Arts has resolved the issue, and online donations are now able to be accepted. 

To make a donation by credit card, visit

If you would prefer to make a donation by check, please make the check payable to “New York Live Arts, Inc.”, and in the memo line write “For Jeremy McQueen”. 

Please mail the donation to me directly, at:

Jeremy McQueen 

P.O. Box 337

New York, New York 10101-0337


To learn more about me and to view samples of my work, visit


Thank you in advance for your support!




Jeremy McQueen



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