Survey Results: Who Should Do What Where?

As you know, a few weeks ago, we started a four question survey just for fun among our readers. Now, it’s time to share the responses! We had over thirty responses, and here’s what we got!

1. Which non-American Elphaba actress would you most like to see play the role on Broadway? – The most selected performer was European Elphaba powerhouse Willemijn Verkaik, with an honorable mention to current West End leading lady Rachel Tucker.

2. Which current “Wicked” actress or alumni would you like to see take over the 1st National Tour on May 15, 2012 with the departure of Mamie Parris? – After we made this survey, it was announced to be Nicole Parker, but just for fun, our most selected lady was Carmen Cusack – I guess everyone is ready for another run by this fabulous leading lady. Other common choices were Stephanie Torns and Carla Stickler – the standbys for Elphaba on the second and first national tour, respectively.

3. Which actress who has never performed in “Wicked” before would you most like to play Glinda? – The leading lady on this question was Nikki Bohne, Elle of the “Legally Blonde” National Non-Equity Tour… but some other notable ladies mentioned are: Becky Gulsvig, Amy Adams, Leigh Ann Larkin, Jennifer Damiano, Sierra Boggess, and Emmy Rossum.

4. Which ensemble track in “Wicked” is your favorite, and why? – We received an overwhelming majority of votes for “Track 3F” – The Elphaba cover track in the American productions. People like the costumes and solos a lot in this track. Other tracks mentioned included the Witch’s Father/Ozian Official, Shen-Shen, and the Witch’s Mother.

We hope you enjoyed this survey! Should we do another soon? Let us know!

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  1. Billy says:

    I think Becky Gulsvig and she should replace Chandra Lee Schwartz and Jennifer Damiano would play Glinda on the national tour.

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