Christine Dwyer & Billy Harrigan Tighe to Rejoin “Wicked” 2nd National Tour

We are thrilled to announce that Christine Dwyer & Billy Harrigan Tighe will be rejoining the 2nd National Tour of “Wicked” where they will perform as Elphaba and Fiyero, respectively. Ms. Dwyer was previously a standby and understudy for Elphaba on this tour, and Mr. Tighe was in the ensemble and understudied Fiyero.

During his break from “Wicked”, Mr. Tighe performed as Jean-Michel in the National Tour of “La Cage Aux Folles” to rave reviews across the country.

Anne Brummel & David Nathan Perlow, currently Elphaba and Fiyero on the tour, play their last performance on April 29, 2012 in North Charleston, South Carolina before Dwyer and Tighe take over in Durham, North Carolina.

We interviewed both new cast members during their previous travels with “Wicked” – read Ms. Dwyer’s interview here and Mr. Tighe’s interview here!


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