Ways to Get Involved With the Message Board

In case you haven’t seen, we’ve opened a new message board in conjunction with “Innuendo & Outuendo”. There is a link on the left sidebar!

We know that many of you have never participated in a message board before. Where to start? Good question; thanks for asking. Here are some ideas to get involved here at “Innuendo & Outuendo”

1. View New Posts: When you log in, look on the white bar at the top of the page. Towards the center-left, there is a button that says “View New Posts”. Click it and it will give you a list of all things that have been posted since your last visit. Read & respond to the threads that interest you!

2. “At this Performance”: When you see the show, post who is on in the “At this Performance…” thread. If you don’t have a smart phone and wish to be able to, send me a PM and I’ll provide my cell number, and you can text me who’s on and I’ll post it for you. Read these threads and comment on them! Say what you think of the people who are on, if you’ve gotten to see them.

3. Create New Threads: Got a question? A fun “Wicked” discussion in mind? Make a new thread and let us all chat about it.

4. Make SuggestionsClick here to access the “Suggestions” forum. If there’s something you’d like to see us do, tell us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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