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Tiffany Haas & Emily Ferranti to Join 2nd National “Wicked” Tour

Congratulations to Tiffany Haas (former ensemble, u/s Glinda, Nessarose – 2nd Ntl. Tour; former swing, u/s Nessarose, Witch’s Mother – Broadway) and Emily Ferranti (former ensemble, u/s Glinda, Nessarose – 1st Ntl. Tour) who will be joining the 2nd National … Continue reading

Video Footage: Mariand Torres performs “The Wizard and I”

Check out this video of Mariand Torres (s/b Elphaba – 1st National Tour) performing “The Wizard and I” at The West Farms mall near Hartford, Connecticut, where the first national tour of the show just finished performing. Credit goes to … Continue reading

Media: Wicked in Hartford

Check out the following articles from the 1st National Tour’s stop in Hartford, CT. “Wicked” Witch Speaks Out (interview with Dee Roscioli [Elphaba – 1NT; former Elphaba – Chicago, Broadway; former s/b Elphaba – Chicago, San Francisco]) “Wicked” Tour at Hartford’s … Continue reading

Video Footage: Alexa Green performs at Splash

On August 15, 2011, Alexa Green (former ensemble, u/s Glinda – San Francisco, Los Angeles) performed at the Splash Bar in New York City. She sang “Life of the Party” and “The Wizard and I”. Both videos are embedded below … Continue reading

Cast Update: Broadway Production

Richard H. Blake has returned to the role of Fiyero, replacing Kyle Dean Massey. We offer congratulations to Mr. Blake on the birth of a child, hence the reason he was out of the show.

Exclusive Interview: Jackie Burns

Today, we are excited to present our readers with a wonderful interview from Jackie Burns. Ms. Burns has previously performed as Elphaba on the 1st National Tour and will actually be taking over as Elphaba in the Broadway production of … Continue reading

Nessa’s Niblets: September 5, 2011

Several former and current Wicked cast members were in the original Broadway cast of the musical Titanic: Alma Cuervo (former Morrible — 1NT), David Garrison (former Wizard — 1NT, Broadway, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco)  Jody Gelb (Morrible — 2NT; … Continue reading

Media: WICKED In Winnipeg

Check out these articles about the 2nd National Touring Company’s stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! Colour us delighted “Wicked” ain’t bad at all ‘Wicked’ at the Centennial Concert Hall Oohs & Oz (With comments from Anne Brummel) Actress living her … Continue reading

Video Footage: Willemijn Verkaik performs “Defying Gravity” in Dutch

Check out this video of Willemijn Verkaik (former Elphaba – Oberhausen, Stuttgart) performing “Ik lach om zwaartekracht”, which is “Defying Gravity” in Dutch. Credit goes to the Dutch Theatre company for the video, which is embedded below for your convenience.