Nessa’s Niblets: September 5, 2011

Several former and current Wicked cast members were in the original Broadway cast of the musical Titanic: Alma Cuervo (former Morrible — 1NT), David Garrison (former Wizard — 1NT, Broadway, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco)  Jody Gelb (Morrible — 2NT; former Morrible — San Francisco), Martin Moran (Dillamond — 2NT), William Youmans (former Dillamond – Broadway, Chicago), and Melissa Bell Chait (former ensemble, u/s Glinda — Broadway). Additionally, Sean McCourt (former Dillamond — Broadway) join the show later in its run.

Tiffany Haas (former ensemble, u/s Glinda — 2NT; former swing, u/s Nessarose — Broadway) competed in the Miss America pageant in 2002m representing Ohio.

The two women who have been the principle Glinda on the second national tour, Helene Yorke (former Glinda — 2NT) and Natalie Daradich (Glinda — 2NT; former s/b Glinda – Los Angeles, San Francisco; former swing, u/s Glinda, u/s Nessarose – Los Angeles), are both Canadian.

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