Exceptional Performances: Briana Pratt performs “Defying Gravity”

Note: This is the first post in a new category, entitled “Exceptional Performances”. In this category, we will post some videos we find of performers singing “Wicked” music who may not be professional performers, simply amateurs who we happen to find on the internet. Inclusion in this category is solely at the discretion of the staff – these performances are going to be those that we deem to be exceptional.

Today, we share a performance of “Defying Gravity” by Briana Pratt, a performer with Honolulu Broadway Babies. She is performing “Defying Gravity” at Windward Mall to promote an upcoming concert, “Head of the Class”. Video is credited to the Honolulu Broadway Babies and is embedded below for your convenience.

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  1. texas says:

    Briana has an ‘ozviously wicked’ voice! 🙂

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