Nessa’s Niblets: May 24, 2011

Dianne Pilkington (former Glinda – West End; former s/b Glinda – West End) played the role of a blind opera singer in the film “The Wolfman”, but her scene was cut from the final version. However, she can still be seen in the deleted scenes on the DVD.

Julia Murney (former Elphaba – 1NT, Broadway), Idina Menzel (original Elphaba – Broadway, London), and Taye Diggs (former Fiyero – Broadway) all appeared in the off-Broadway production of Andrew Lippa’s “The Wild Party”, originating the roles of ‘Queenie’, ‘Kate’, and ‘Mr. Black’, respectively.

Louise Dearman (Glinda – West End) is the voice singing in the ‘’ adverts on British television. Her puppy, Alan, is also featured in the most recent advert.

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