Nessa’s Niblets: April 19, 2011

Timothy Britten Parker (former Doctor Dillamond – 1NT, Chicago, Los Angeles, Broadway) is the older brother of Sarah Jessica Parker, of “Sex and the City” fame.

Mark Evans (current Fiyero – West End; former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – West End) is best known in the UK for being a finalist in the reality tv show “Eurovision – Your Country Needs You” in 2009, a competition to find the UK’s act for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kerry Ellis (former Elphaba – West End, Broadway; former s/b Elphaba – West End) was a mentor for Rachel Tucker (current Elphaba – West End) and the other prospective Nancys in the 2008 Andrew Lloyd Webber reality tv show “I’d Do Anything”, in an episode where the competitors had to perform “I’m Not That Girl” in the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Ironically, whilst Tucker later went on to perform the role of Elphaba, Ellis replaced Jodie Prenger, the winner of the series, as Nancy in Webber’s “Oliver!” revival!

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