Rumor Clarifications

We have managed to glean a bit of information on the upcoming situation with the role of Fiyero on Broadway.

There has been a bit of an error in information spread from a reliable source that Richard H. Blake (current Fiyero – 1NT) will be taking over the role of Fiyero on Broadway. This came AFTER the confirmation of Kyle Dean Massey as Fiyero, who is set to take over on January 25, 2011 (see here).

It seems that the source misspoke. As can be shown in the article, Mr. Massey has indeed been confirmed as the new Fiyero on Broadway by press sources. To our knowledge, Mr. Blake will be remaining with the tour. This was simply a miscommunication.

If any additional information surfaces, we will announce what we can here. Always remember to check sites such as and for reliable information, as well as the official Twitter and Facebook pages of “Wicked”.

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