Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National, 2nd National

Kyle Dean Massey

Kyle Dean Massey

We have a rather large cast update this week; in addition to several ensemble changes, each production has has a principal turnover as well.


Kyle Dean Massey has replaced Kyle McDaniel as Fiyero.

1st National Tour

Mark Jacoby has replaced Richard Kline as the Wizard.

Emily Ferranti is now an ensemble member and understudy for Glinda and Nessarose. Formerly, she has been a swing and covered Nessarose. She takes over the ensemble track formerly performed by Marissa Lupp.

Brenda Hamilton has replaced Terra Lyn Arrington as a swing. In addition, Ms. Hamilton will be understudying Nessarose.

Marissa Lupp is now a swing and no longer covers Glinda.

Adea Michelle Sessoms has replaced Penelope J. Armstead-Williams in the ensemble.

Allison Leo has replaced Shanna Vanderwerker as a swing and the Dance Captain.

Sunny L. Yokoyama has left the ensemble.

2nd National Tour

Anne Brummel has replaced Vicki Noon as Elphaba.

Christine Dwyer has replaced Anne Brummel as the standby for Elphaba.

Laurel Harris has replaced Christine Dwyer in the ensemble and as the understudy for Elphaba.

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3 Responses to Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National, 2nd National

  1. Jade says:

    Does Carla Stickler still cover Nessarose? Are there 3 Nessa understudies?

  2. Isaac says:

    We believe so.

  3. Broadway once had 4 Nessa understudies at one time!

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