Teal Wicks & Kyle Dean Massey to Join Broadway Cast of “Wicked”

Congratulations to Teal Wicks (former Elphaba – San Francisco, Los Angeles; former s/b Elphaba – Los Angeles) who will be replacing Mandy Gonzalez (current Elphaba – Broadway) as Elphaba on February 1, 2011. Ms. Gonzalez will have been in the role for approximately 10 months, beginning on March 20, 2010.

Also of note is the fact that Kyle Dean Massey (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – Broadway, 1NT) will be joining the cast in the role of Fiyero, replacing Andy Karl (current Fiyero – Broadway) on January 25, 2011. Mr. Karl will have been playing Fiyero for approximately one year.  Congratulations, Teal and Kyle!

CORRECTION: We have been informed that Andy Karl will actually be leaving on January 2, to be replaced by Kyle McDaniel (former ensemble, u/s Fiyero – San Francisco, Los Angeles, 1st National Tour) until Kyle Dean Massey begins on the 25th.


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4 Responses to Teal Wicks & Kyle Dean Massey to Join Broadway Cast of “Wicked”

  1. Gabby says:

    Go Teal! It’s like a Christmas present knowing she will finally be on Broadway!

  2. LastOneSRO says:

    Andy’s last day is actually on January 2. Kyle McDaniel will play Fiyero for the three weeks until Kyle Dean arrives. Lots of Kyles!

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  4. Sarah says:

    Does anyone know how long Teal will be on Broadway? I’m looking to go to NYC in August to see Wicked, and I’m hoping Teal will still be there!

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