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Media: Jemma Rix on “Thank God It’s Friday!”

Check out this audio from Jemma Rix (Elphaba – Sydney; former s/b Elphaba – Sydney, Melbourne) doing an interview on national radio and performing “Defying Gravity”. Credit to YouTube user dANiEllE1727 for the video, which is embedded below for your … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Kevin McMahon

Today’s exclusive interview is with Kevin McMahon, who performs as the Witch’s Father/Ozian Official and understudies the Wizard and Dr. Dillamond with the 1st national tour.  Mr. McMahon has performed on national tour, off-Broadway, and in many regional theaters across … Continue reading

Bean, Dearman, Gray, and Verkaik to appear at ‘Simply the Music of Scott Alan’

Past and present Wicked cast members Shoshana Bean (former Elphaba – 1NT, Broadway; former s/b Elphaba & u/s Nessarose – Broadway), Louise Dearman (current Glinda – West End), Ashleigh Gray (former s/b Elphaba – West End; former u/s Elphaba – … Continue reading

Media: Wicked in Columbus

Check out the following articles from the 1st National Tour of “Wicked”‘s stop in Columbus, Ohio! Columbus is Getting a Little “Wicked” (interview with Brynn O’Malley) “Wicked” Offers Insight into Transformation of “Oz” Witches (interview with Brynn O’Malley) Review: “Wicked” … Continue reading


Just wanted to put out a quick thanks to Christina, Jessica, and Rach for talking care of the blog in my absence as I vacationed in New York City, then as I recovered from said vacation. As usual, they did … Continue reading

Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour

Broadway Michael DeVries has re-joined the production as the Witch’s Father/Ozian Official & u/s Wizard/Dr. Dillamond. Eric Jon Mahlum, who temporarily replaced Mr. DeVries, has left the production. Ryan Patrick Kelly (former swing) has left the production. 1st National Tour … Continue reading

Video Footage: Backstage Tour of West End WICKED

Check out this video of WICKED West End cast members Sarah Earnshaw (s/b Glinda) and Nikki Davis-Jones (s/b Elphaba) giving viewers a backstage tour of the show. The video was posted by YouTube user wickedthemusicaluk, and has been embedded below … Continue reading

Shoshana Bean To Appear at the Rrazz Room in San Francisco

Shoshana Bean (former Elphaba – 1NT, Broadway; former s/b Elphaba & u/s Nessarose – Broadway) will appear in concert at the Rrazz Room in San Francisco, California on August 9 & 10 at 8pm. For more information and tickets, please … Continue reading

Video Footage: Katie Rose Clarke and Jennifer DiNoia at Bryant Park

Check out this video of Broadway production cast members Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda; former Glinda – 1NT), and Jennifer DiNoia (s/b Elphaba; former s/b Elphaba – Sydney, Chicago; former Elphaba u/s – Chicago) performing “Popular”, “For Good” and “The Wizard … Continue reading

Remember That Time…?: San Francisco Microphone Problems

Remember that San Francisco production performance when there were microphone issues throughout all of act one? Microphones came on too late, causing beginnings of lines to be missed. It all culminated in act two during “Thank Goodness”, when the microphones … Continue reading