Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour


Michael DeVries has re-joined the production as the Witch’s Father/Ozian Official & u/s Wizard/Dr. Dillamond. Eric Jon Mahlum, who temporarily replaced Mr. DeVries, has left the production.

Ryan Patrick Kelly (former swing) has left the production.

1st National Tour

Tom Flynn (former Dr. Dillamond – 1NT, San Francisco) has left the production. Steven Skybell (former Dr. Dillamond – San Francisco, Broadway, Chicago) replaces Mr. Flynn

2nd National Tour

Michelle London (former ensemble, u/s Glinda, Nessarose – 2NT; former ensemble, u/s Glinda – Chicago) has left the production. Rachel Potter, who appeared on MTV’s “Legally Blonde – The Musical: The Search For The Next Elle Woods”, replaces Ms. London in the ensemble and as the new Glinda understudy. Ensemble member Lesley McKinnell (former swing, u/s Nessaorse, Midwife – 1NT) now understudies Nessarose on the second tour in addition to understudying Glinda.

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2 Responses to Cast Update: Broadway, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ryan left broadway?! He was literally on there for about a month?!
    And im disapointed about MIchael, the other dude was actually a lot better- and didnt look so weird with the height difference between them and Kristen Lee Gorski!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe Ryan is a traveling swing.

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