Cast Update: Broadway Production

NOTE: Some of these changes may not have happened this week – we are going by’s cast list due to a lack of ensemble updates on the official website.

Kristen Leigh Gorski now portrays the Witch’s Mother.

Ryan Patrick Kelly has joined the cast as a swing.

Eric Jon Mahlum has replaced Michael DeVries in the ensemble as the Witch’s Father and an understudy for The Wizard and Dr. Dillamond.

Amanda Rose has replaced Briana Yacavone as a swing and understudy for Nessarose.

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2 Responses to Cast Update: Broadway Production

  1. Patricia says:

    You may know this, but I believe Michael DeVries is only on a two-week break since he’s here in Wichita being Daddy Warbucks. 🙂

  2. Isaac says:

    Oh, really? I did not realize that. Thanks!

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