Follow-Up Interview: Stephanie Torns

Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda) & Stephanie Torns (u/s for Elphaba) on Broadway

Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda) & Stephanie Torns (u/s for Elphaba) on Broadway

Today, we have a quick follow up interview with Stephanie Torns. As we’re sure you’re aware, we interviewed Ms. Torns in December of last year when she was in the ensemble and understudying the role of Elphaba in the 1st National Touring Company. She now is in the same track in the Broadway production of the show. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her Broadway debut – check out her answers below! Also, click here to read our original interview with Ms. Torns.

1. How did the move to the Broadway cast come about? Did you have to audition again?

I was laying in bed on a Monday morning off in Providence, and I got a phone call from Telsey casting, saying that the creative team of Wicked wanted to bring me to the city to audition for my track on the Great White Way! 🙂 So I was off to the city on a Friday at like 8am and had to be back in time for the show that night, then I waited what seemed like the LONGEST weekend ever, and got the call on that Monday saying I am moving to Broadway, in which I started crying my eyes out in my car! (I did pull over though) 🙂

2. How do touring audiences differ from Broadway audiences? What about the fans?

Tour audience and Broadway audiences are actually very similar!! Both are just soooo happy to be there and you can just feel that from them on stage! And like both companies, we get a standing ovation every single show!! Its absolutely amazing!!

3. What, in your opinion, are the pros/cons of touring vs. a stationary production? Which do you prefer?

There really aren’t much cons of being on Broadway, except for the rake stage which makes dancing in 2 1/2 inch heels a little more difficult! 🙂 Other wise I have the best job in the world!! The only con of tour is that you don’t get to see your family very much! Which is why I got a dog on tour who is my little buddy! But honestly, I am so beyond grateful and blessed to have started my Wicked journey out with the cast of the first national, because they were the most kindest and warmest people I have ever met! I’m a lucky girl!

4. What was your Elphaba debut on Broadway like? Is performing the role on Broadway similar or does it have a different feel to it?

My Broadway Elphaba debut was truly my dream come true! So it was a very emotional night for me, that included tears, laughter, and lots of love and support. I use to dream of playing this role on Broadway so when I was actually doing it, it was surreal. There were times were I stopped and thought “Stephanie, you are Elphaba on Broadway right now!” , but then of course I got choked up and had to think of something else!! 🙂 The only thing different from tour is all the running Elphaba has to do backstage to get to certain trap doors and such. So that is something I need to get into my body over time, and not feel like I just ran a marathon before singing! 🙂 Overall, it was a wonderful magical night for me!

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